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Instructions on using Room Allocator


    At the "Login To Choose Your Room" column on the home page:

    1. Enter Your Student Reference / Application Number found on your Admission Letter and PIN Number also found on the admission e-voucher obtained when you bought your application forms in the required fields.
    2. Click on the "LOGIN" Button.
    3. After a successful login, Your Full name and program of study shows up. Click on "CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE YOUR ROOM" blue button to continue.

    1. After clicking the "CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE A ROOM" blue button, a page opens with options to select a block and also brief guide on what to do at the right section.
    2. Halls of residence have been divided into blocks. Click on select block and select a block.
    3. Rooms located in that block arranged in a matrix fashion load on the screen after a while. Observe the Legend which gives indication of which rooms are full, not available,etc to have a fair idea of which room to select.
    4. To select a room, Click on the room number in the matrix. A yellow small window pops up after a short period which indicates the current status of the room.
    5. If you are convinced of your choice, Click on "Confirm Choice of Room" button to proceed.
    6. Finalise your action by clicking on the "OK" button on the dialog which pops up after step 5.
    7. Click on "CANCEL" if you want to review your choice.
    8. Details of your choice with your photograph loads confirming a successful selection. Click on "PRINT SHEET" to obtain a printed copy of your room selection.
    9. Finally, Click on "Logout" at the top right corner of the page to close your session.
    10. Note: Failure to logout of the system may annul your choice of room so endeavour to logout!
    11. Keep your slip and present it to your hall of residence on the day of reporting!



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